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Time Out is a family-owned Bar / Arcade that originated in Nevada, Iowa, in 2016. It started when Chris approached her sons, Lance & Logan, about leaving her corporate job and opening a family arcade in their local downtown. She chose the name Time Out because she wanted this facility to be a place where you could take a “Time Out” away from your daily stresses. Lance & Logan immediately let their imaginations run wild, thinking back to all the arcades they frequented growing up. Before they knew it, they had a building full of arcade games. From their creative minds, also emerged the power button-like emblem and the teal and black futuristic theme.

It didn’t take long for the three to adjust to a more adult model by adding a full bar. The delight that they saw in adults coming in reliving their arcade days was amazing. But now they could enjoy a beverage with friends while playing or share secrets of games with their children. Chris, Lance, and Logan knew then that they wanted Time Out to be bigger than what they were able to offer in Nevada. So, in 2017, they had the opportunity to open a location in Ames, IA, which is now the sole location. With this location, they have been able to double the number of arcade / pinball games, build up a karaoke following and offer a destination for a night out.

As a family, they put all their energies into creating a space for everyone to enjoy. With each of them having a pivotal part in the growth of Time Out. Chris is happy to do most of her work behind the scenes. She works diligently to have a clean facility that both families and adult groups feel good about coming to. Chris also makes every effort to ensure each customer has a pleasant experience.

Lance has an eye for details in game placement and decor that give Time Out its unique atmosphere. He manages the games to make sure that every game is working properly for everyone to enjoy. Not always an easy task for 30-40 year old games. 
Lance is also responsible for bringing karaoke and other events
to Time Out.

Logan is credited with designing the entire bar and building it from the ground up. He was key in so many of the construction projects, from the stage to the karaoke booth. Chris and Lance dream it up and Logan builds it. His artistic abilities can be seen throughout the facility from the circuits on the front of the bar to paintings on the walls in the back game rooms. Logan also manages the bar and has come up with many specialty drinks.

There is an endless list of other family members and friends that have supported Chris, Lance, and Logan in every step of the evolution of making Time Out what it is today. They are continually humbled by the number of customers that have become part of the Time Out extended family.


And they are not done yet.

Time Out… the next level of arcade!

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